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How do I perform a click-per-second test?

CPS tests can be taken in the form of video games or particularly demanding situations. You can do this check in your favorite browser and maybe share the results with your friends. 
During this check, you can practice using specific clicking techniques that can help you increase your clicking speed and efficiency. You can also observe these strategies in exclusive video games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Valiant. Some of the strategies you can practice are listed below.
1. Normal click: 
Constant clicking is a common mouse click method used by average users to perform daily tasks. Every mouse user clicks the mouse using this common clicking technique. Normal clickers can get up to four to six clicks per second, which can be increased up to 8 CPS with dedicated training.
But the regular click method may not be helpful to achieve high gaming performance, as 6-7 CPS is not enough to compete with PRO players. But you can still use this approach for many different reasons.
2. Butterfly click:
The butterfly click technique is the most widely used in the gaming community. In this method, the person uses arms to click the mouse instead of just one. Arms are used as an alternative because after a finger clicks and lifts, the alternate finger clicks at that point.
This allows the consumer or players to experience better CPS without missing any clicks. It also allows the user to gain accuracy while aiming at targets to shoot or grab.
Where the Regular Kohi click technique produces up to 7 CPS, the butterfly method can additionally produce up to 20 CPS. This makes this approach one of the most favorable for Minecraft and various games. However, one of the downsides of this quick click butterfly method is that a number of game servers consider it an auto clicker and ban it, which includes Minecraft. This approach allows you to get better CPS ratings and higher rankings in games.
3. Drag Click:
If you are looking for an aspect in Minecraft PvP battles, you must choose the drag-click method. This method is one of those that cannot be tested with a normal mouse. To draw a click, you would need a gaming mouse that can help you record many clicks to generate better CPS.
The drag-click method is useful for those who want to increase their CPS and max, and observe these skills in-game. This method involves dragging and clicking in rapid succession.
4. Jitter click:
The click jitter method is also used by players, but the difference is that this method is often used by experienced players. Clicking Jitter uses the electricity from your arm to generate vibrations on your hand and transmit it to your index finger for additional clicks. In this click technique, your arm and wrist work together with your hands to wave more clicks to achieve good overall performance in games with higher CPS than different techniques.
The jig click requires a high degree of training and posture that allows clients to overcome hand and frame pain that can occur due to a large number of clicks. So you should practice jitter click with the proper technique to overcome it.
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