About Us

CN1699 -

A social platform for the medical industry
A search engine for the global medical industry
The worldwide news distribution center of a medical media alliance

The CN1699 service mode of cooperation is to make trades rely on the media to seek new extensive markets. CN1699 it is a B2B media platform focused on the medical/health industry and a media partner through online media, magazines, medical exhibitions/conferences, medical industry associations, manufactory /companies, Doctors/nurse associations, hospitals and nursing homes, medical universities, independent laboratories, insurance companies, and thus provide a large amount of the latest industry information and local sensation to make people easy to read and create connections through sharing.

We perform distribution services through various social channels and mainstream media within the medical industry, It works to support users to manage the entire process of data sharing from CN1699 media is a lot of multiple transmission from CN1699 data that woks in two-ways traffic, that’s end-to-end instant response.

CN1699 open source, and has embedded a smart CRM which to meet the industry individual needs tailored for the medical and health industry, they work to supporting user manage all medical online trading platforms in one stop.

Medical University: Support searching papers for General and sub-accounts, published multi-channel open access to papers and articles;

Manufactory: Verifies showroom, and provides CRM management, has high effect rank in Google search, multi-channel promotion and Google search ranking;

Buyers and Trading Companies: Smart Publishing buyer requirement, bidding, match OEM/ODM with factory;

Hospitals and Nursing Homes: Single pages and gather in hospital list, promoting characteristics with details, guide cooperation in tourism medical treatment;

Doctors and Professionals: Multi-channel that supports the publishing of papers and articles, a showroom where you can save articles/papers for free;

Medical Association: Offers discounts for General and sub-accounts of group members;

Exhibitions and Conferences: Media barter, advertising promotion, introducing speakers;

Media: Sharing timely news and distributing information, and supporting the search of both sides.

Insurance: A page lists the scope of services, links to cooperating hospitals in order to guide the services-oriented of groups and personal

Vision: Sustainable innovation and become a globally respected medical service provider

Mission: To promote the development of global medical undertakings 


  1. Customer first
  2. Ownership
  3. Win trust
  4. Implement unity, collaboration, sharing and shared responsibility
  5. Advocating positive and optimistic work action
  6. Innovating and simplification
  7. Achieving the great result