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13th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference


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  • November 15 2023 9:00 AM - November 18 2023 6:00 PM ((GMT+08:00) Hong Kong)
  • Los Angeles
  • United States America (View Map)
  • 13th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference

    November 15–18, 2023

    Los Angeles, USA

    We kindly request your presence at the "13th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference" (13NHPSUCG2023), which will be held from November 15–18, 2023 as a hybrid event in Los Angeles, USA, and electronically, following the great success of the previous 11th Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety conferences in San Francisco, USA.

    This conference will feature eminent speakers, researchers, scientists, academicians, nurses, nursing practitioners, healthcare professionals, midwives, clinicians, and pharmacists from all over the world presenting outstanding research that guides advancements in nursing practice, education, and management. The international congress offers a chance to connect with academics, researchers, clinical practitioners, and nursing colleagues who will share evidence-based findings for enhancing patient care quality and safety as well as healthcare delivery systems in global health. All nursing practitioners have a great opportunity to learn about international nursing practice trends at this conference. This three-day event includes keynote talks, oral presentations, poster sessions by young researchers and students, seminars, and networking opportunities.

    Conference Key Sessions:       

    Track 1: Nursing    
    Track 2: Healthcare Management
    Track 3: Patient Safety
    Track 4: Public & Community Healthcare
    Track 5: Patient Education
    Track 6: Healthcare Informatics
    Track 7: Healthcare Innovations
    Track 8: Digital Healthcare
    Track 9: Preventive Medicine
    Track 10: Health Promotion
    Track 11: Technology and Nursing Science
    Track 12: Nursing Education and Research
    Track 13: Globalization and Health
    Track 14: Coronavirus Deadly Impact on Humans
    Track 15: Artificial Intelligence
    Track 16: Sports Medicine in Health
    Track 17: Legal and Ethics in healthcare
    Track 18: Advance Care Planning (ACP)
    Track 19: Medication Safety
    Track 20: Patient Safety Tools and Solutions
    Track 21: Infection, Prevention and Control
    Track 22: Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
    Track 23: Big data on health and data mining
    Track 24: Midwifery And Women Health Nursing
    Track 25: Pediatric Nursing
    Track 26: Diabetes Nursing
    Track 27: Clinical Nursing
    Track 28: Patient Safety in Pharmacy
    Track 29: Home Care Safety
    Track 30: Mental Health Nursing
    Track 31: Quality improvement
    Track 32: Telenursing
    Track 33: Occupational Healthcare
    Track 34: Healthcare Services
    Track 35: Healthcare Marketing
    Track 36: Sexual Health
    Track 37: Primary Care
    Track 38: Precision medicine
    Track 39: Dental and Oral Health
    Track 40: Neurosurgery
    Track 41: Neonatal Medicine
    Track 42: Kidney & Pancreas Transplant
    Track 43: Positive Birth Experience Case Study
    Track 44: Physical Traumas & Recovery Methods

    The benefits of attending the conference are:

    1. Get to know other people in your field
    2. Hear about the latest research
    3. Visit a new place and have fun
    4. Meet your academic heroes
    5. Engage in high-level debates and refine your ideas
    6. Adding to your CV
    7. Avail of CME/CPD certification
    8. Network with your peers
    9. To expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems
    10. Meet the best influencers
    11. Get new ideas and solutions
    12. Get certified or learn new skills
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