IoTanic, UNS iHub Incubated Startup, Secures Top Position in Pertamina Startup Competition

UNS — IoTanic, a source of pride from the UNS Innovation Hub (iHub) incubator, has etched its name in prestigious history by claiming a spot in the Top 3 of the Pertamina Muda Seed & Scale competition, known as Pertamuda. This competition serves as a platform for students from universities across Indonesia to develop their innovative business ideas.

The final pitch session held in Bali on November 29, 2023, brought together 15 participants who successfully advanced to the final round. This crucial moment allowed the participants to once again present their business project ideas to the jury before determining the top three ideas.

Pertamuda not only focuses on business ideas in the energy sector but also provides an opportunity for innovative ideas from various sectors that can have a positive impact on economic, social, and environmental pillars, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the Early Stage Startups category, the leading company is IoTanic. The IoTanic startup consists of D3 Informatics Engineering students from the Vocational School (SV) at UNS, namely Rizky Joanditya Nur Iman (CEO), Rayhan Emillul Fata (CTO), Ridho Fata Ulwan (Full Stack Devop), Novian Rizky Perdana (Machine Learning Developer), collaborating with students from the Faculty of Agriculture (FP), Mahdaviqia Dharmawan (Product Development Officer) and Denny Setiawan (Business Development Officer), while Muhammad Azhar (Business Digital Staff) is from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB).

Rizky Joanditya Nur Iman stated that IoTanic contributes positively to the implementation of the SDGs, with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and technology integration to improve the quality of life. Through smart devices connected to a network, they have created solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

The success of IoTanic in Pertamuda not only brings prestige to the startup itself but also solidifies the position of UNS iHub and the Directorate of Innovation and Incubation as valleys capable of birthing innovative ideas.

Mahdaviqia Dharmawan and Rizky Joanditya Nur Iman received an award from Pertamina as winners in the Early Stage Startups category. This achievement further establishes IoTanic as a key player in the Indonesian startup scene, not only with good business potential but also with the ability to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

“Through this achievement, it is hoped that IoTanic can inspire other students and young entrepreneurs to continue innovating and contributing to the creation of solutions that support sustainable development in Indonesia,” Rizky said on Saturday (2/12/2023).

As for the funding obtained from Pertamuda, the IoTanic team will use it for the development of the IoTanic startup in 2024. With collaboration from various fields of expertise within IoTanic, the hope is to realize products and services for millennial agriculture to produce optimal agricultural products.


Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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