FK UNS Alumni of 1995 Receives National Public Service Award in Health Sector for 2023

UNS —The Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia (KemenPAN-RB) presented the 2023 Public Service Award to government agencies on Tuesday (21/11/2023) in Jakarta. The awards were directly given by the Minister of PAN-RB, Abdullah Azwar Anas.

During this event, two alumni of the Faculty of Medicine (FK) of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta received awards for their roles in improving the quality of public services.

The first alumnus is dr. Joko Haryanto, M.M., as the Director of the Tarakan City General Hospital, representing the Tarakan City Government. He was recognized for his innovation, “Si Dokter Serasi” (for Sistem Informasi Dokter Sekali Entri Resume Akan Terisi, a Harmonious Doctor System), an application designed to facilitate healthcare services for medical professionals, patients, and BPJS/other insurance. Si Dokter Serasi, as a digital application, is expected to expedite the service process, act as a source of public information, and enhance patient satisfaction.

With this award, Dr. Joko Haryanto hopes to inspire other healthcare professionals to continue innovating to improve the quality of services to the public.

“Regarding the development of applications, which is currently a demand and a necessity in the era of digital transformation in healthcare services, Si Dokter Serasi is here to simplify and expedite the service process for patients so that doctors can fulfill their duties more easily, quickly, and accurately. Hopefully, this innovation can be replicated in other hospitals throughout Indonesia as the frontline of comprehensive healthcare services to the public,” he said.

The Si Dokter Serasi application is also included in the Top 45 Public Service Innovations for 2023.

The second FK UNS alumnus to receive an award on this occasion is dr. Ovi Norfiana, who serves as the Head of Tanah Abang Public Health Center in Jakarta. The award she received is for being the Best Public Service Organizer for Providing Friendly Facilities for Vulnerable Groups.

dr. Ovi, who has been a civil servant in Jakarta since 2006, hopes that with this award, they will be more motivated to continually improve services for vulnerable groups, especially people with disabilities.

“Surely, with this award, we will be more motivated to continue improving services for vulnerable groups, especially for people with disabilities, and continue to innovate to make it easier and provide satisfactory services for vulnerable groups,” she said.

Currently, at the Tanah Abang Public Health Center in Jakarta, there are already 30 employees who have undergone sign language training, and it is hoped that more will be able to undergo this training in the future.

According to the Head of the Anatomy Laboratory at FK UNS and also the Chair of the 1995 Cohort, Dr. Nanang Wiyono, M.Kes., both alumni were classmates during their studies at FK UNS, entering in 1995. Both of them have been known for their activism since their student days.

“After graduating, dr. Joko worked in Kalimantan and currently serves as the Director of the Tarakan City General Hospital since 2019, while dr. Ovi has been working in Jakarta until now,” dr. Nanang explained.

As classmates, dr. Nanang feels proud because his friends have achieved success that brings honor to the name of FK UNS at the national level.

“I hope the achievements of these friends can inspire doctor friends who are alumni of FK UNS and younger students to contribute according to their respective fields so that it can be beneficial to the community and bring honor to the alma mater,” he said. Humas UNS

Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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