Bengawan UV Team UNS Wins 1st Place in LBFERC Division at National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest 2023

UNSThe Bengawan Unmanned Vehicle (UV) Team of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta achieved success in the 2023 National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest (Kontes Kapal Cepat Tak Berawak, or KKCTBN). In this competition, Bengawan UV won first place in the Leisure Boat Fuel Engine Remote Control (LBFERC) Division.

The KKCTBN is a competition organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology from October 22 to 25, 2023, at the University of Indonesia. In this year’s KKCTBN, Bengawan UV sent three teams from three prototype performance categories: Leisure Boat Electric Remote Control (LBERC), Leisure Boat Fuel Engine Remote Control (LBFERC), and Autonomous Tourism Surface Vessel (ATSV).

Team leader, Rizky Cahyo Setiawan, explained that each category in the competition had different tracks and missions. In the LBERC category, the mission involved traversing the race track as quickly as possible by adding a 2 kg load to the boat’s hull, both with and without a load. Meanwhile, in LBFERC, the mission was to traverse the track as quickly as possible by adding a 3 kg load and running without a load on the boat’s hull.

“For the assessment of LBERC and LBFERC, the criteria were the highest points with and without a load. As for the ATSV category, the mission included navigating the race track as quickly as possible, taking photos above the water surface, taking photos below the water surface, and correctly docking at the pier. The evaluation was based on the total points for each mission,” Rizky explained, as reported by on Friday (10/11/2023).

In KKCTBN 2023, the LBERC category was contested by 27 teams, the LBFERC category by 22 teams, and the ATSV category by 21 teams. Upon announcing the highest podium placement in the LBFERC category, Rizky expressed gratitude and joy. “As the team leader, I feel grateful to achieve this victory because our competitors in this category were very tough, and each team had outstanding innovations. I also want to acknowledge that winning this championship is thanks to the hard work of team members, both technical and non-technical, starting in early July to prepare for this competition,” he said.

In this competition, they were guided by Dr. Eng. Aditya Rio Prabowo, M.T., M.Eng, Prof. Dr. Eng. Syamsul Hadi, M.T., and Dr. Eng. Indri Yaningsih, M.T. Through this achievement, Rizky hopes that Bengawan UV can continue to deliver the best and improve even further in the next KKCTBN. Humas UNS

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