FT UNS Students Win 2nd Place in National Student Innovation Competition with Portable Incubator Innovation

UNS – Three students from the Mechanical Engineering Program at the Faculty of Engineering (FT), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) in Surakarta, won 2nd place in the National Student Innovation Competition. The triumphant students are Muhammad Ammar Jaya, Syahfirman Virga Harsono, and Alvyan Naufal Rizandy.

The competition, organized by Tidar University, took place on November 3, 2023. Under the theme ‘Realizing Indonesia Emas 2045 through Works and Innovations in General-Purpose Technology,’ Ammar and his team presented an innovation: a portable incubator for evacuating disaster victims.

“This device acts as a safe zone for babies affected by disasters, equipped with an oxygen cylinder to provide circulation to the baby inside the incubator. Additionally, there is a heater used to provide comfort to the baby. Also, there is a strap used to carry the incubator like a regular bag,” he explained, as quoted from ft.uns.ac.id on Monday (11/13/2023).

He further elaborated that the device is also equipped with an exhaust fan to provide circulation. It is furnished with temperature sensors to monitor the temperature inside the incubator. Meanwhile, the electrical components are powered by batteries. Through this innovation, Ammar and his team successfully won 2nd place out of 24 competing teams in four categories.

“When it was announced, we were surprised and didn’t expect to win 2nd place with such a short preparation time. Our hope is that this innovation can be further developed to become even better so that it can be implemented,” he expressed. HUMAS UNS

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