UNS Students Collaborate with BPBD Sukoharjo to Promote Disaster-Resilient Village

UNS – Collaborating with the Regional Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) of Sukoharjo Regency, students from Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta promoted the Disaster-Resilient Village concept in Ngasinan Village. Situated in the Bulu Sub-district of Sukoharjo Regency, this village faces the natural disaster risk of flooding.

The Head of the Welfare Section of Ngasinan Village Government (Pemdes), Drs. Masno, appreciated the efforts of UNS students. He hopes that this awareness campaign can at least reduce the burden or flooding in the area. Drs. Masno also hopes for a response from the government or related agencies to carry out normalization or construction efforts to prevent and manage the annual floods occurring in Ngasinan Village.

Several measures have been considered for flood prevention, including the revitalization of low bridges. These low bridges often accumulate debris, blocking the river flow.

The Head of Affairs of Ngasinan Village Government (Kaur), Dicky Andri M., S.T., responded that this socialization was highly significant and on target. He extends his gratitude to UNS KKN Group 14 for supporting the local government in disseminating information about flood disaster mitigation.

“May the awareness of the importance of flood preparedness continue to grow within the community,” Dicky said during the socialization on August 2.

After participating in this campaign, Dicky realized that active community involvement in disaster mitigation is crucial. He expressed his readiness to collaborate with the government and other related parties to implement flood mitigation plans.

Dicky also hopes that this campaign activity is the initial step toward forming a group of volunteers dedicated to disaster mitigation. With volunteers in place, the emergency response during floods can become more efficient and effective.

“May the outcomes of this campaign serve as a reference for the local governments in designing more comprehensive and sustainable disaster mitigation policies and programs,” Dicky Andri hoped.

Furthermore, Bella Sabrina Putri Aulia, Chairperson of UNS KKN Group 14 from the Faculty of Law (FH) UNS, believes that there will be a synergistic relationship between the government, the UNS KKN team, and the community in the future. This is essential to implementing more holistic and sustainable disaster mitigation measures.

“We hope this awareness campaign inspires other communities to organize similar activities in order to increase the capacity and awareness of the community in facing floods and other disasters,” Bella said in a press release received by uns.ac.id, Friday (25/8/2023) .

Humas UNS

Reporter: R. P. Adji

Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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