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Is It Safe for Children to Play With Water Beads?
Has your child asked to play with water beads? Dr. Lindsay Clukies reviews what they are and how to minimize risk aroud ch...
Shopping Cart Safety Tips
In addition to protecting your kids from injuries in the car or at home, learn more about shopping cart safety at the groc...
Can a Car Seat be Used After a Car Accident?
Learn everything you need to know as a parent about car seat safety and what to do if you get into a car accident with you...
How to Treat Snake Bites in Missouri
Time spent outside means potential encounters with snakes. Dr. Kondis shares what we need to know about snake bites and ho...
Marijuana Ingestion Risks for Kids
In the video, Dr. Lindsay Clukies discusses the marijuana ingestion risks for kids and how to spot symptoms.
Foreign Objects in Children’s Noses & Ears
Children are naturally curious and explore their bodies, often putting foreign objects in their ear, nose, or mouth.
A Guide to TikTok Safety Tips for Parents and Kids
A guide to TikTok safety tips for parent and kinds in the current age of social media and exposure to digital trends
Holidays and Anaphylaxis Watch
Learn about the dangers of serious food allergies during the holidays, as well as vital facts about anaphylaxis, a life-th...
Keeping Your Children Safe From Human Traffickers
Dr. Sarah Garwood explains what is human trafficking and identifies ways of keeping your children safe from human traffickers