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Family Safety at Amusement Parks
Time for planning family summer outings which means it's time to consider family safety at amusement parks.
Baby Crib Safety Tips: Follow the ABCDs
Baby crib safety tips by following the ABCDs. Bridget Leach with St. Louis Children's Hospital's Safety Stop dis...
When The News Is Scary, How Do I Talk To My Kids?
Kim Sirl, Ph.D. a clinical psychologist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital provides advice on how to talk with your kids abo...
How to Dispose of Used/Expired Asthma Inhalers
Dr. Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric explains how to dispose of used and/or expired asthma inhalers and its environmental impact.
How Parents Can Build the Essential First-Aid Kit
Prepare for summer but prevent summer pain than can lead to trips to the hospital. Build an essential first aid kit.
Mistaken Identity – Can you Spot the Poison?
Dr Blythe of St. Louis Children's Hospital gives advice on spotting household poisons, and provides tips & tricks...
Nursemaid’s Elbow: Treating Your Child’s Dislocated Elbow
Dr. Allie Grither, from St. Louis Children's Hospital, discusses Nursemaid's elbow, a partially dislocated elbow...
Popular Products Parents Can Skip: Advice from a Pediatrician
Dr. Mia Henderson, from St. Louis Children's hospital discusses popular products parents can and should live without.
Stocking Stuffers and Toys to Avoid This Holiday Season
How safe are your gifts this year? Discover common hidden dangers in your kids presents this year and learn what toys to a...