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Researchers Identify Protein Linked to Metastasis in Pancreatic Cancer
UC Davis researchers have pinpointed a protein linked to metastatic pancreatic cancer that could lead to new drug therapies.
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center launches new lung cancer clinic
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center opened a new lung cancer clinic to help save lives and address the deadliest of cancers.
Gene therapy study identifies potential new treatment for liver cancer
Gene therapy with microRNA-22 produced better survival outcomes than the current FDA-approved drug for liver cancer and wi...
Record external funding supports UC Davis School of Medicine research
UC Davis exceeded $1 billion in external research funding in the fiscal year 2022–23. The School of Medicine contrib...
Radiology announces new medical physics chief and vice chair for clinical research
The Department of Radiology announced two new leadership appointments to help enhance innovation and advance imaging techn...
Internal Medicine’s Frederick J. Meyers transitions to emeritus faculty
After 47 years of distinguished leadership and service, Frederick J. Meyers has transitioned to emeritus faculty status.
Are biopsies needed in pediatric and young adult patients with lymph node metastases?
A new UC Davis-led analysis better defines the clinical features and outcomes of young patients with non-rhabdomyosarcoma ...
Understanding Why BRCA2 Is Linked to Cancer Risk
UC Davis researchers have generated new insights into the mechanisms of DNA repair and the origins of cancer. The new stud...
Study finds tough-to-treat tumor genes contribute to gastric cancer disparities in Latinos
Latinos have a higher rate of poor gastric cancer outcomes, according to new study that identified an aggressive molecular...