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Academic Medicine/ Sexual and Gender Minorities in Medicine
Instacash: The Ethics of Leveraging Medical Student Status on Social Media
Some medical students leverage their medical student status for profit as social media influencers o
It Is Time for Medical Educators to Update Guidance About Medical Students’ Use of Social Media
To the Editor: We were intrigued by Dugdale and Braswell’s article 1 about medical students leveraging their me...
Innovative Social Media Summit: Providing a Path for Physicians on Social Media
Problem Physicians’ voices are valued in society and should be present in mainstream social media
Learning Through Listening: A Scoping Review of Podcast Use in Medical Education
Purpose To improve understanding of podcast use in medical education by examining current researc
A Hot Take on Social Media: Leveraging Digital Diversity as Students Underrepresented in Medicine
To the Editor: Given that the largest proportion of social media platform users are young adults, the question ...
Your @Attending Will #Tweet You Now: Using Twitter in Medical Education
AM Last PageJaffe, Rebecca C. MD; O’Glasser, Avital Y. MD; Brooks, Michelle MD; Chapman, Margaret MD; Breu, Anthony C. MD;...
pathCast: An Interactive Medical Education Curriculum That Leverages Livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube
Problem Global connectivity and awareness have significantly increased over the past 3 decades, ye
Commentary: The Relationship Status of Digital Media and Professionalism: It's Complicated
The rising popularity of digital applications, such as social networking, media share sites, and blo