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I’m a Long-Distance Hiker With Ulcerative Colitis—Here’s How I Manage On and Off the Trail
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Menstruation can be exhausting. Here are some of the common causes of PMS and period fatigue, plus how to feel less drained.
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How to Get Better Sleep With Eczema, According to Dermatologists
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Why Selena Gomez Avoids Her Bedroom During a Bad Mental Health Day
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The Biggest Red Flags to Watch Out For at the Dentist
A great dentist can make your visits much less stressful. Here are some of the biggest dentist red flags to pay attention to.
3 Things to Do When Traveler’s Diarrhea Is Ruining Your Life
The symptoms of traveler’s diarrhea can be downright miserable. Here’s how to feel better, according to an infectious dise...
Victoria Monét on How a Difficult Birth Influenced Her New Album, ‘Jaguar II’
The “On My Mama” singer and songwriter for Ariana Grande on writing her new album, her unplanned C-section, and self-image...
A Bunch of People Are Claiming Accutane Gave Them a ‘Nose Job’—Here’s What Derms Say
People on TikTok are claiming Accutane, an acne medication, can shrink your nose. SELF asked experts to debunk the so-call...