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Fitness Solutions: The unintended gift of disruption
Now might be the right time to adjust our habits and mindset, writes Ernie Schramayr
How to talk to stubborn boomers about COVID-19
Expert says it's important to be positive and validate the feelings in older people who are worried about losing thei...
Canadians going through “food anxiety” amid COVID-19 pandemic, expert says
An expert in nutrition says Canadians may be going through a period of “food anxiety” in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.
World feeling too apocalyptic?
Between washing your hands every five minutes, biting your nails over the next Democratic presidential primary, and starin...
Running from coronavirus
All road races have been cancelled. There was no Tokyo Marathon, no New York Half Marathon. There will be no marathons thi...
Herbal supplements may not mix with heart medicines
Herbal supplements are natural, so they must be safe, right? Not necessarily.
Flu and coronavirus: Similar symptoms, different fears
Is it the flu, a cold or the new coronavirus? Patients and doctors alike are parsing signs of illness to figure out who ne...