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Pregnancy and Childbirth 怀孕和分娩
New insight into formation of the human embryo
Pioneering research led has provided new insight into formation of the human embryo.
Study links prenatal phthalate exposure to altered information processing in infants
Exposure to phthalates, a class of chemicals widely used in packaging and consumer products, is known to interfere with no...
Maternal exposure to chemicals linked to autistic-like behaviors in children, study finds
A new study found correlations between increased expressions of autistic-like behaviors in preschool aged children to gest...
Miscarriage linked to increased risk of early death
Women who experience a miscarriage appear to be more likely to die prematurely (before age 70), particularly from cardiova...
Biomolecular analysis of medieval parchment 'birthing girdle'
Analysis of stained c. 500-year-old manuscript provides direct evidence of wear and use during childbirth. Birthing girdle...
Researchers learn that pregnant women pass along protective COVID antibodies to their babies
Antibodies that guard against COVID-19 can transfer from mothers to babies while in the womb, according to a new study.
COVID-19 infection in pregnancy not linked with still birth or baby death
A new study finds that COVID-19 infection in pregnancy is not associated with stillbirth or early neonatal death.
Nature: New compound for male contraceptive pill
In a new article spells out an innovative strategy that has led to the discovery of a natural compound as a safe, effectiv...
Earliest signs of an immune response found in developing embryos
Researchers reveal that newly formed embryos clear dying cells to maximize their chances of survival. It is the earliest d...