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What's it like living with an invisible disability?
Emily Hale had to have spinal fusion surgery for her scoliosis, now she's helping others.
The abortion clues that can hide on your phone
There are a number of concerns around data protection following the US Supreme Court's ruling on abortion.
Dame Deborah James: 'One of those special people'
The cancer campaigner has died at the age of 40, her family has said, describing her as an "inspiration".
Dame Deborah James saved countless lives raising awareness - Bowel Cancer UK
The campaigner and podcast host was a patron for Bowel Cancer UK, a charity she said was close to her heart.
Invisible disability: Living with inflammatory bowel disease
Inflammatory bowel disease sufferers say the lack of toilets is the worst thing about living in London.
Male MPs wear 'hot flush' vests to simulate menopause
The event was organised in parliament by the Labour MP Carolyn Harris.
Roe v Wade: The world reacts to US abortion ruling
Our correspondents in Italy, El Salvador, India, Ireland and Canada explain the impact in countries across the globe.
NFHS-5: Why birth control remains a woman’s burden in India
More Indians are using contraception, but it largely remains a woman’s responsibility, says a government survey.
Sir Jonathan Van-Tam: I don't wear a face mask any more
Sir Jonathan Van-Tam is asked if he's changed his habits, as Covid-19 cases in the UK continue to rise.