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Polio vaccine catch-up push to launch in London
London primary-school pupils not fully vaccinated against polio are to be offered catch-up jabs after Easter.
Immigration fuels Canada's largest population growth of over 1 million
The unprecedented surge in numbers is largely due to immigration, the government says.
Candida auris: What is the deadly fungus sweeping through US hospitals?
A drug-resistant yeast fungus has been detected in more than 30 countries. What do we know about it?
What are abortion pills and could they be banned?
They have become the new frontier in the US battle over abortion access but their future is at risk.
Covid tests for China travellers to England ending
The pre-departure and voluntary arrival checks began in January after a spike in cases in China.
People urged to take gonorrhoea tests as cases rise
Sexually active people are warned as cases of the sexually transmitted disease rise sharply in England.
Breast cancer gene linked to Orkney islands
A gene variant known to increase the risk of breast cancer has been found in people with Orkney heritage.
Drug giant Sanofi becomes latest to cap US insulin prices
The move follows public outcry over the drug's costs, but it also may help the firms' bottom line.
The doctors selling bogus treatments to people facing blindness
A BBC reporter goes undercover and confronts doctors offering bogus treatments for his genetic condition.