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Fit Kids More Likely to Stay Mentally Sharp with Age: Study
Exercise is crucial not just for a healthy body but for a healthy brain – and we may need to start as far back as early ch...
Fight Over Roe Is Over, But Other Fights Just Getting Started
Federal and state officials spoke out quickly about what protections are still in place for access to abortion, and some g...
Bionic Fish May One Day Gobble Up Ocean Microplastics
Scientists create a robotic fish that can swallow microplastics pollution out of the water.
How Do You Get Health Care in Prison?
People in jails and prisons are entitled to health care, but it’s not always easy to access.
Your Daughter’s First Period: How to Help Her Be Ready
Your daughter’s first period can be a confusing time for her -- and for you. Here’s how you can make sure you’re both ready.
Expert Answers to Key Questions About COVID Vaccines for Kids
Infectious disease doctors address safety, efficacy, dosing, and other concerns regarding authorized COVID-19 vaccines for...
FDA Panel Backs Adding Omicron Component to COVID Boosters
The FDA’s advisers on vaccines deliberated Tuesday on what direction the agency should give drugmakers about future modifi...
CDC Panel Backs Moderna Vaccine for Those Aged 6-17
An expert panel from the CDC voted unanimously to recommend the Moderna COVID vaccine be approved for kids between the age...
Seniors With Prediabetes: Eat Better, Get Moving, but Don't Fret Over Diabetes
About half of adults 65 and older have above-normal blood sugar levels that put them in the prediabetes category. Although...