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Your (Afro-Textured) Hair Is Beautiful: The Trauma of Texturism
In our new docu-series “Color by WebMD: WebMD’s Exploration of Race and Mental Health,” we’ll be diving into texturism and...
'Something Good' After Tragic Loss: Donating Brain Cancer Tissue
Families of children with brain cancer are often unaware of the option of postmortem tissue donation, and many have expres...
How Neuromyelitis Optica Progressed for Me
A woman with NMO and a doctor who treats it talk about what it’s like to live with the rare disease.
Loving a Fake Person: Redefining Romance for the Virtual Age
A team of scientists in Japan hope to pioneer a new field exploring how romance with a virtual being could impact mental h...
Flu Season Raged Over Thanksgiving
The CDC reports that hospitalizations for confirmed flu cases nearly doubled during Thanksgiving week.
Amazon Clinic: What You Need to Know
Amazon is encouraging patients to “skip the waiting room” with the launch of Amazon Clinic, a virtual health care service ...
Move Faster, Live Longer? A Little More Effort Goes a Long Way
Boosting the intensity of your workouts even a little may significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and add years to...
AI ‘Simulants’ Could Save Time and Money on New Medications
Second in a series examining the impact and potential of artificial intelligence in health care.
Black Patients Fare Worse Than White Patients After Angioplasty, Stents
A new study finds Black adults who undergo a common procedure to open up clogged arteries are readmitted to the hospital m...