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Are we truly 'inattentionally blind'? New study revisits 'invisible gorilla' experiment for new insights
We are quite good at spotting unexpected objects while focused on another activity if they are moving fast, reveals a new ...
Credit payment holidays reduced the mental health effects of debt during COVID: Study
Like other countries, the UK implemented a number of initiatives to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on peopl...
What makes news get shared widely? The answer is in your head
Why do some social media posts get shared widely, while others go unnoticed?
Exploring the link between the inferior frontal gyrus and familial risk for bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder, marked by recurrent manic and depressive episodes, poses significant social and economic challenges glob...
Study links ultra-processed food consumption with psychosocial problems in adolescents
Adolescents who consume a greater amount of ultra-processed foods and drinks have more difficulties in terms of mental hea...
New research finds mechanism that regulates PTSD in the female brain
From humans to plants to single-cell organisms, there's a protein that rules them all.
What is mental health?
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which makes this a good time to learn about mental health and mental illness.