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Fitness tips for menopause: Why fitness counts
Follow these fitness tips to promote good health during and after menopause.
Painful urination (dysuria)
Learn about possible causes for pain, burning or other discomfort during urination and when you might need to see a doctor.
Diabetes and Heat
When summer heats up, so does the risk of heat-related health issues, especially if you have diabetes. Here's what diabeti...
Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD)
After sharing stories about their deadly heart condition on social networking sites, these women convinced Mayo Clinic car...
Pacemaker for epilepsy
You see, an epileptic seizure is an abnormal electrical disturbance of the brain. The device is implanted under the skin...
Mayo Clinic Minute: Uncovering UPF in clothing
Find out how UPF clothing can help protect you from the sun.
Mayo Clinic Minute: Shining the light on SPF in sunscreen
Find out what SPF means and what SPF to look for in your sunscreen.
Slide show: Tips for choosing and using walkers
A walker can provide balance and improve mobility. Understand the different types of walkers and how to use them.