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Mum discovered cancer when pregnant with second child - assumed it was a blocked milk duct
Jo Warsop thought her first cancer diagnosis was shocking enough, but her second one - over a decade later - was more emot...
Visceral fat: Eight ‘common’ reasons you might be struggling to lose weight - expert
Losing weight can be difficult - one expert shared eight 'common' reasons why you might be struggling to shed the pounds.
Swollen legs could signal ‘most severe’ stage of bladder cancer - other signs to look for
Experiencing swollen legs could mean you have bladder cancer in its most advanced form, an expert has told
Foreign Secretary James Cleverly's wife opens up about battle with breast cancer
Susannah Cleverly has opened up about her ongoing battle with breast cancer as she urged other women to 'know your body' a...
Many women admit to not checking themselves enough for signs of breast cancer
Nearly eight in 10 women aren't regularly checking themselves for signs of breast cancer. A study of 2,000 women revealed ...
Intermittent fasting could lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease - new study
New research, conducted on mice, has shown the potential for intermittent fasting to reduce the risk of developing Alzheim...
Diabetes: Eat flaxseed for a 'big reduction' in blood sugar levels - expert
Eating flaxseed can help lower and control your blood sugar, an expert has said.
Menopausal women could experience ‘gritty’ symptom in eyes - can lead to ‘severe’ pain
Hormonal changes brought on by the menopause can cause a 'painful' eye condition, an expert has warned.
Arthritis: 'Distilled' alcohol increases the risk of 'painful' crystals forming in joints
The popular type of beverage should be avoided during an inflammatory attack, warns health body Mayo Clinic.