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News from the Editors 杜塞尔多夫医疗信息
Cancer therapy: MHH Sarcoma Center successfully DKG-certified
The Sarcoma Center of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) of the MHH has been successfully certified by the German Cance...
Smart implants to monitor healing
New research introduces self-powered smart implants to monitor spinal fusion healing.
New blood biomarker identified for status of fatty liver disease
A MedUni Vienna study team has identified the role of a specific subtype of macrophages (white blood cells) in progressive...
New cooperation aims to further advance radiation therapy
Researchers want to work together to advance medical-technical developments in the field of FLASH therapy.
New hope for a therapy against retinitis pigmentosa
Retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative genetic disease of the eye, is characterized by progressive vision loss, usually lead...
Training virtually can reduce psychosocial stress and anxiety
A new study suggests that virtual training can reduce psychosocial stress and anxiety.
Protein changes in the liquor indicate inflammatory processes in the brain
Researchers have succeeded in identifying a group of proteins in the cerebrospinal fluid that could provide information ab...
New material paves the way for remote-controlled medication and electronic pills
Researchers from Chalmers have invented a material that uses electrical signals to capture and release biomolecules.
AI platform enables doctors to optimize personalized chemotherapy
Based on a pilot clinical trial, close to 97% of dose recommendations by CURATE.AI were accepted by clinicians.