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New cooperation aims to further advance radiation therapy
Researchers want to work together to advance medical-technical developments in the field of FLASH therapy.
New hope for a therapy against retinitis pigmentosa
Retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative genetic disease of the eye, is characterized by progressive vision loss, usually lead...
Training virtually can reduce psychosocial stress and anxiety
A new study suggests that virtual training can reduce psychosocial stress and anxiety.
Protein changes in the liquor indicate inflammatory processes in the brain
Researchers have succeeded in identifying a group of proteins in the cerebrospinal fluid that could provide information ab...
New material paves the way for remote-controlled medication and electronic pills
Researchers from Chalmers have invented a material that uses electrical signals to capture and release biomolecules.
AI platform enables doctors to optimize personalized chemotherapy
Based on a pilot clinical trial, close to 97% of dose recommendations by CURATE.AI were accepted by clinicians.
Rapid whole genome sequencing improves diagnosis in critically ill infants
Children who are born severely ill or who develop serious illness in the first few weeks of life are often difficult to di...
Rapid test to measure immunity to COVID-19
New blood assay provides critical information for revaccination strategies in vulnerable individuals.
AI saves one hour of daily chest CT interpretation time in study
Cardiothoracic radiologists exhibited a 22.1% reduction in chest CT interpretations times when having access to results fr...