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Warmer brain-irrigation fluid in surgery more efficacious
A simple method can halve the number of repeat operations to remedy bleeding under the cranium, a study at the University ...
How genes and small molecules influence personal disease risk
Scientists have now discovered more than 300 regions in the genome that contribute to an individual chemical fingerprint.
Resistances: these bacteria hide and then take charge
A doctor discovers bacteria in a sample that is causing a case of pneumonia and prescribes antibiotics.
Genomic Data Infrastructure Ireland project to support discovery of genetic disease causes
New EU project to support the integration of genomics into healthcare and advance new treatments for patients.
Empa's Zukunftsfonds – Funding ambitious research: A chip to replace animal testing
A team has been working for some time on the question of how this so-called embryotoxicity of substances can be determined...
Tumors: forecasting the risks of brain surgery
Can surgeons quantify the risk of aphasia when removing a brain tumor? To find out, researchers are analyzing the brain as...
Quantum technology for cancer imaging
A research team is working to advance the development of a quantum-based hyperpolarizer so that it can be deployed in clin...
Using quantum sensor technology to improve brain tumor operations
Quantum technology on its way into society: Joint project DiaQNOS to develop quantum sensors to improve brain tumor surgery.